Discover, Connect, and Express
Your Unique World of Favorites!

Discover, Connect, and Express
Your Unique World of Favorites!

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On artics, you can engage in conversations about your favorite entertainment (Music, Movies, Books, Anime, Netflix) /art, connect with like-minded people, and build a unique profile with your favorites from various genres

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At artics, we operate a community to support passionate individuals who continually pursue their unique expressions.

Whether you're a singer-songwriter crafting music, a writer weaving stories and poetry, an artist, illustrator, or manga creator creating visual art, we welcome creators from all genres to thrive in their artistic endeavors.



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About artics

Our mission is to ignite a 21st-century Renaissance by establishing an economic framework that optimizes the value of artisans and innovators.

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artics (Interest-based Community Platform)

Through artics, we offer an experience where more people can discover entertainments/arts that resonate with their true selves and connect with others through shared passions.

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We're developing 'artics,' a cross-genre social networking platform, for the U.S. market. Since its July 2023 launch, we've been regularly updating and enhancing the product.

We're also collaborating with other companies and organizations to incorporate its feature of instant common interests discovery into events.

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Corporate Service/Sponsorships

We are seeking companies and organizations that want to join us in uplifting the artist industry

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We leverage our expertise in creating unique, cross-genre products in music, movies, comics, and more to offer specialized advising, enabling content creators to produce works that resonate with a broader audience.

Additionally, we collaborate with leading enterprises, particularly publicly traded ones, through sponsorship of 'Passion-Driven' events and artist workshops for executives.

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In the artics community, we provide opportunities for artists to build social status and trust.

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We run a community for artists, encouraging collaboration and partnerships with businesses. We also create talent showcase videos on social media to amplify individual uniqueness.

Our goal is to provide opportunities for creative pursuits and drive societal change through self-expression

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