Igniting a 21st-century renaissance by crafting an economic framework that optimizes the value of creative individuals.

We believe many societal challenges stem from the market economy's paradox - "infinite production, finite demand." By emphasizing "the joy of creation," we aim to create a system that enriches society. This involves nurturing one's passions, expressing individuality, and connecting with like-minded people. In the coming century, we foresee "production for the joy of it" becoming central. We're committed to creating an economic framework in this culture, contributing to the 21st-century renaissance.

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Initiate a revolution in the
distribution of expression.

"To cultivate a culture centered around 'the joy of creation,' a new model for the allocation of people's leisure time is essential. The time we have available to enjoy creative works is limited, and thus, it's crucial to effectively connect preferences in demand with the right creators, ensuring that the right fans meet the right artists.

However, existing content industry rankings, trends, AI recommendations, and algorithms are causing significant missed opportunities in maximizing the value of expression.

This is where artics comes in. We harness the democratic 'power of the social' to help people discover works that resonate with their true selves, broaden the joy of enjoying creative pieces, and increase the absolute number of creators who can actively participate. We aim to become a company with a significant influence on the world's economic structure, continually fighting for the future of creators in the global economy."



Believe in your intuition

Our core values are rooted in the philosophy of art.
Art is an act of 'planting seeds,' fostering people's inner value experiences.

Therefore, at artics, we highly respect each individual's unique sensibility, with diverse perspectives, experiences, and expressions. Learning from and accepting one another's distinct views and experiences builds profound trust. This is where transcendent sensibilities are honed, consistently generating new value and creating blossoming experiences.

We believe in our sensibilities and are committed to achieving our mission.

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Arata Nakatsuji

Forbes 30 Under 30 2023’
Japan Creator Economy Association Member
Verona International Choral Contest World Champion

Hello, artics fans. This is Arata Nakatsuji.
I come from a background of traditional Japanese art, particularly as a painter in a family of artists. I've also been deeply involved in Japanese culture through training as a tea ceremony practitioner. Alongside my artistic pursuits, I have a strong passion for music, including achievements like winning the 2019 World Choir Competition.

My experiences have fueled my drive to pursue what I love, share it with the world, and bring joy to others. However, I've also been struck by the fact that many people, including myself, struggle to make a living from their creative passions because their work doesn't reach the right audience. This has led me to question why so many people are forced to give up on their dreams and ideal lives.






  • ・Development and operation of the SNS app "artics"
  • ・Artist support
  • ・Management of artist communities
  • ・Deployment of SaaS




Arata Nakatsuji



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For Investors

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artics is currently preparing for fundraising in the Series A round,
targeting individual investors as well as VC/CVC participants.


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