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What is “artics”?

artics is a platform where people will get to express themselves through their passions in an innovative, yet humane way. By adding your favorite music, movies, TV shows, books, and even arts to your profile and sharing why you love those pieces, you can both connect deeper with your real-life friends through mutual favorites, find others with similar taste, and discover new possible favorites.

Start your journey by creating your authentic artics board!

What is Artics? 1What is Artics? 2

3 things you can do with artics

What you can do? 1

01 Create Your artics Board!

Create your very own “artics board” - a visual representation of the music, movies, books, and art that you love the most. You can choose 7 pieces of entertainment or art that best describes how you feel in that moment to appear on your profile.

What you can do? 2

02 Share and Express Yourself!

What made you watch the movie? How did the song make you feel? What are your reflections on reading books? Unlike existing review platforms, on artics, you are encouraged to share your deep takeaways and feelings.

What you can do? 3

03 Deepen Your Connections

Unlike traditional social media applications, artics aims to foster true connections. Therefore, your feed only shows your friends, allowing you to show your authentic self in a tight-knit community. Through sharing more about your passions, you can form deeper connections with those you already know.

Other Features

Mutual Favorites

Feature 1

You can discover your friends' mutual favorites instantly! You might uncover sides of your friends you never knew existed!


Feature 2

artics lets you connect with real-life friends to make you feel secured. But, we also provide "Discovery Page" to find others with really similar interests. It's perfect if you feel like exploring!


Feature 3

Save and organize your must-see lists based from your friends’ recommendations all in one place!

Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of entertainments/arts can you add to a profile?



You can add music, movies, books, comics, anime, TV series (including Netflix), and fine arts.


How can you create your artics board?



You can create your artics board on artics by adding a minimum of three favorites along with your favorite design!


What languages does it support?



English, Japanese


Is the app free?



Yes, all the feature within the app are available for free.

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