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What is “artics”?

Begin your journey by sharing your beloved works and passions. In the world of artics, you connect with kindred spirits who share your favorite interests - a place where 'likes' and 'followers' are not the measure of your worth.

Express yourself authentically and dive into the stories and influences behind each work, finding true expression, resonating souls, and uncovering a new you.

Join artics for a vibrant and genuine experience.
Here, you'll not only find your creative haven but also discover a community of individuals who appreciate your unique voice, passions, and artistic flair, making every interaction a source of inspiration.

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3 things you can do with artics

What you can do? 1

01 Add and Express Yourself Through Your Favorites!

On artics, you can start by adding your favorite works (music, movies, books, manga, and more) and create your very own 'Interest Passport,' a collection of your passions. This 'Interest Passport' represents a reservoir of your inspiration and thoughts, reflecting who you are beyond just your appearance or photos."

What you can do? 2

02 Share Your “Favorites” with Friends!

At artics, we know that your family and closest friends understand your preferences better than algorithms ever could. That's why we make it easy for you to recommend your favorite discoveries to your friends. With artics, you're sure to uncover outstanding works you've yet to encounter, opening doors to new favorites.

What you can do? 3

03 Enjoy Your Passionate Discussion

Sharing the incredible entertainment and art we discover can be quite a challenge on traditional social media. To address the frustrations of the Gen Z generation, artics offers a secure and enjoyable space to freely discuss your 'likes.' Who knows, through conversation, you might uncover new dimensions of your favorite works.

Other Features

Profile Page

Feature 1

On your artics profile, you can neatly organize a list of all the works you've encountered along with reviews and ratings for each of them

Friends Page

Feature 2

On the friend's page, you can discover the latest recommendations from your friends, gaining insights into their thoughts and feelings about the works they endorse.

Discovery Page

Feature 3

On the discover page, you can find like-minded individuals who have added the same favorites as you – individuals you can only discover on artics

Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of entertainments/arts can you add to a profile?



You can add movies, music, books, comics, anime, TV dramas (including Netflix), and artwork to your profile.


When you add your favorites to artics, what happens?



When you add your favorites to your profile, it becomes your "Personal interest-passport" filled with your favorites, and you can share it with friends and people you meet for the first time.


Can you rate or post with different levels of like?



Yes, on artics, you can not only express the level of your liking on a 100-point scale indicator, but also share your thoughts, opinions, and feelings about the work


Can the app be used for free?



All the features within the app are available for free.

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