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App Development

We are developing and expanding the SNS 'artics,' where users with various interests can connect, with a focus on users in Japan, the United States, and Australia.

At artics, there are no 'superficial' metrics like the number of likes or followers that exist on traditional social networks. Therefore, on artics, you can genuinely express yourself about the things you love without worrying about external judgments.

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Corporate Sponsorships

We support artics' international expansion, primarily with publicly-listed companies. This includes sponsoring events that connect the Z generation through 'likes' and offering artist workshops for executives.

We also provide specialized advice on how to reach a broader G generation audience using our unique in-house product data and cross-genre connections in areas like music, movies, and comics


artics Community

At artics, we operate a community to support passionate individuals who continually pursue their unique expressions.

Whether you're a singer-songwriter crafting music, a writer weaving stories and poetry, an artist, illustrator, or manga creator creating visual art, we welcome creators from all genres to thrive in their artistic endeavors.

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We are seeking individuals who have a deep passion for art and entertainment works.