artics Joins Plug and Play LA

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artics is pleased to announce its adoption into the Plug and Play Tech Center LA's accelerator program.

The Plug and Play Tech Center LA accelerator program aims to connect corporate partners with startups from both domestic and international markets to foster new innovations. Through this program, corporate partners can match with startups, both domestically and internationally, accelerating their own innovation. Startups, in turn, gain opportunities for broad collaboration with major corporations.

In the future, artics plans to strengthen alliances with partner companies through the Plug and Play Tech Center LA accelerator program.

About Plug and Play LA


Plug and Play LA is a world-class accelerator and venture capital firm. As a Silicon Valley-based innovation platform, it boasts over 45 industry-leading corporations and organizations as partners. Los Angeles, being the second-largest city in America, hosts many influential corporations, contributing significantly to the global marketplace.

Home to one of the world's largest innovation hubs for Media and Advertising, Brand and Retail, and Insurtech, Plug and Play is at the forefront of defining these innovation ecosystems and identifying potential opportunities within Los Angeles.

Sponsors include renowned companies such as Meta, Red Bull Media House, Grupo Globo, and more.

Company Overview

About artics

artics, a Japan born startup, is dedicated to developing the interest based real graph community that allows individuals to express themselves through their passions. Challenging the existing distribution structure that limits the exposure of works to only a few artists based on rankings and trends, artics aims to create a society where more artists and creators can thrive by sharing the emotions of those who engage with their creations. Recognized as the top accelerator in the world for IPOs, Techstars, and a selected programs such as Plug and Play, artics also proudly serves as a content partner for Japan's largest startup conference, "IVS KYOTO2023."

App Overview

Users can curate a personalized profile page reflecting their taste by adding favorite works from various genres, such as music, movies, anime, manga, paintings, and books. This social networking platform allows individuals to discover like-minded people within their university or community, fostering connections with new favorite works and people.

Highlighted Features

artics provides a unique feature where users can share their experiences with favorite works, including the environment in which they discovered them and comments on their impressions. Unlike recommendation features based on existing algorithms, artics encourages users to explore their personal preferences by delving into the context of their encounters with works and the influences on the creators.

artics Board Feature

The artics Board feature enables users to accumulate a catalog of works they have experienced and create a profile showcasing their own "Personal Fav Museum" consisting solely of their favorites.


artics is available for download through the following links:

Company Overview

  • Company Name: artics

  • Founder: Arata Nakatsuji

  • Business: Social Media Consumer Software, Event Planning and Operation

  • Official Website:

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